The Terrestrial Plane

*This poem is inspired by my favorite place in the world, Joshua Tree, CA.

The Terrestrial Plane 

There is a stillness here,
a silence that howls and echoes
of a time when the breeze whipped
over spines and spindles
prickles and rocks,
to soothe the scorched earth
from its time in the brilliant sun.
Now, the ground is awash
in the glow of our waxing satellite.
The lunar blue a welcome tonic
on the split terrain,
more alive in its parched existence
than any torrid city or gas-lit highway.
This forgotten terrestrial plane
harbors answers to questions we are too lost to ask.
Yet, we only need to face
the velvet quilt of stellar worlds,
and listen for the celestial quiet,
to know that we have been found.

~Kate Cummings, 2018

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